basic body washer

Basic Body Washer

I recently purchased some Yanspirations Bernat Blanket Ombre yarn.

After "umming" and "ahhing" as to what to make with it, I remembered that this yarn was used for making re-usable water balloons because it "held" water well, so I decided to make some body washers with it. They turned out fantastic! My free pattern ( in US terms ) is below. Enjoy :)

Using a 9mm hook -

Chain 5

Slip stitch into the 1st chain to form a ring


Chain 2 and double crochet into the ring. Place a stitch marker in this first double crochet


Chain 2 and make 2 double crochet into each stitch.

It is helpful to place a stitch marker in the 12th and 24th double crochet


With the back of the body washer facing ( as seen below), make a slip stitch in the 12th (marked with a stitch marker) and 13th double crochet


Make a slip stitch in the 24th double crochet (marked with a stitch marker)


Make 11 more double crochet into the ring and join by making a slip stitch into the first double crochet (marked with the stitch marker)


Chain 6


Make 9 single crochet over the chain 6


Cut the yarn, pull the tail trough the last slip stitch and weave in the tails


The Finished Design!