• Lyn Coultas

A Series of Unfortunate Weather

My third day started out wet (what's new? hahaha!). My goal for the day was to get to Kingscliff and stay for 2 nights, thereby having a rest day.

I hit the road at 7am. Again, the downpours stopped and started. The head winds were pretty brutal along the way as I cycled mainly along the bike paths right next to the beaches. I stopped at Burleigh Heads for a my first coffee in days. Loads of surfers enjoying the waves.

Shazz and I enjoyed the ocean views, especially when it wasn't raining.

I stopped at Kirra and sat on these rocks to enjoy the view as I ate some lunch.

There was also a perfect spot to leave a card 😀

As I look at the photos above, they don't really depict the day. You'd be forgiven for thinking "what rain?". I just didn't take photos when it was pouring - which was ALOT of the time. The weather has just been so crazy. I think this next photo gives an idea of the wind at least, looking at the churning waves.

In this one you can see how "thick" the rain was, to obscure the buildings in the distance.

At Tweed Heads my bike stand broke. I think I put too much strain on it 🙄. I may have overpacked a little........ but my load was a little bit lighter after I removed and tossed it in a bin 🤣

I made it to Kingscliff but turned back to Chinderah, as Kingscliff was a little too expensive for accomodation. Again I couldn't camp due to the weather. I watched the weather reports on TV. The forecast for Northern NSW was for continued rain with flash flooding warnings for days to come. The next part of my journey consisted of more road riding than in previous days, as there's far less cycleways for quite a bit. With the downpours I'd already experienced and knowing there was more to come in the following days, my lack of visiblilty in those conditions was an issue, along with the flash flooding warnings. I don't have the luxury of being able to wait out the rain. I can't tour indefinitely nor can I afford too many nights in hotels/motels, so I decided that the only thing to do was to cancel the rest of the ride.

A BIG THANK YOU to those that sent private messages of encouragement and support, and to those that made a donation to RUOK? 😘🧡

Hopefully the next time I attempt this ride, the weather will be better 😉

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