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Bike Vision

I knew where my next little adventure ride would be, over a week ago. There's a place here called Swanbank. Only 7.7kms from home. It's where I took my youngest son for his very first driving lesson, and now my youngest daughter. Really quiet roads, so they could just get a 'feel' for driving a car, without having to worry about too many road rules etc.

On my way there, I crossed this little bridge, and because I was cycling I saw a pretty waterway and promised myself I would take photos on the way back. Some folks might think "Why go to all that effort?" (riding a bicycle around the world). This moment is precisely why. When driving a car etc, I see with my "driving vision". I'm concentrating on the road, my speed, other vehicles etc., but when I'm riding HOPE (my bicycle), I see with my "bike vision". When using my "bike vision" I see so much more of the space/world/nature

around me, and I absolutely love it! I'm always thinking "If I was driving a car through here, I never would have noticed that!".

This is all I "see" when driving. I know because I've driven over this bridge many times.

THIS is what I got to see today, because I rode HOPE over the same bridge đź‘€

I finally made it to the Swanbank lol. Here are some pics.

I find so much joy in the journey, not just the destination đź’–

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