• Lyn Coultas

Growing Pains

Last year brought many changes. I started to "live" again, instead of "exist", but not without growing pains. Because of my breakdown at beginning on 2019, I had no alternative but to face some painful truths and do something about them.

I made a simple 3 step plan; get a job, move in to my own place, work towards making the world tour happen.

Because I'd been working with my ex-husband in his small business for a number of years, and before that I had children etc, I had been out of the "workforce" for a long time. It took me 7 long months to get a job. Job-hunting in Australia today is brutal. It is so hard to just get an interview, because there are so many applicants. So after 7 months of job-hunting and all the negative emotions that go with that (rejection etc), I am happy and proud to say that a few months ago, I finally got a job with Coles Supermarkets, cleaning the store and collecting trolleys. When I'm out in the carpark gathering trolleys, I often get folks saying "I don't envy you". I appreciate their sentiment. Some days it's really tough, especially on hot days, but I reply with this "I know what you mean, but after job-hunting for 7 months, I'm just really thankful to have a job". And I TRULY am!

So YAY! I got a job! Now onto step 2. I found the perfect little place to rent. It was MUCH easier than getting a job 😁

November was painful. Mum was hospitalised again with breathing difficulties, but passed away. She held on long enough for all of her children, some grandchildren, and even great granchildren, to be able to say our goodbyes and slipped away peacefully in my arms. I love you MUM ❤. Thank you for begging me to promise that I'd quit smoking (I don't make promises lightly. I've kept, and will continue to keep my promise to you).

So now we're beginning 2020. Because of my job I don't have time for any day trips, as my 2 days off are spent on housework, laundry and relaxing, but I ride HOPE to and from work 5 days a week. This years plan has already started with publishing the free crochet patterns for my designs in "The Gemstone Collection". I'm hoping to add more designs to the collection.

My aim this year, is to save as much money as I can, and also buy a few more bits and pieces I'll need for touring. I'm now the owner of a brilliantly small and light-weight 4 seasons tent! It just arrived today 😊 My previous tent was a cheap one from Big W, just to try out touring and camping.

So as 2020 begins, I hope that my journey will encourage and inspire you to follow your dreams, and to truly "LIVE" your life how you want to. Whatever that looks like for you adn to BELIEVE in yourself! I thought I'd NEVER be able to quit smoking, but here I am, cigarette free since October 1st 2018, and feeling better than I have in decades 😘

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