• Lyn Coultas

Hills and Rain and Rain and Hills

Woohoo! Day 1 is completed. Today was a bit of "4 seasons in 1 day" weather. I started at the Brisbane Botanical gardens and made my way to the story bridge.

There were loads of people walking, cycling and scootering. It was fun!

Not as far as I was hoping to have travelled (35.5km) in 7.5 hrs, but so be it. I got drenched a few times as the heavens opened lol. I did quite a few kms on the Bulimba bikeway. Really lovely. Lush and green, and no cars :)

I took a wrong turn along the bikeway but found this awesome tree! I thought it was the perfect place to deposit another crochet flower and RUOK? card :)

I did quite a bit of walking. The hills really did me in with my loaded bike. I had to "hike a bike" too many times to count hehehe. Hopefully I'll get a little fitter each day. I made a small detour in South Rochedale and these guys were so lovely! I was busting and they let me use their loo.

As I rolled into Springwood, the sky had turned super dark and grey so I decided to stop for a bit at a McDonalds. Glad I did. It poured down!!!! I decided that was it. I was done, so I looked up accomdation as I didn't fancy camping with the murky skies. Found a hotel just a few hundred metres from where I was, so I've decided to hunker down ther for the night. A hot shower and a good nights rest and I'll see what tomorrow brings.

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