• Lyn Coultas

Hope is Growing!

Wow! My HOPE Helmet has changed little since I last posted!

I crocheted the dark purple rose.

A fellow crochet designer, Ramalakshmi Pasumarthy has designed a beautiful and versatile little flower motif (the pale lavender), specifically for my HOPE Helmet!

Her pattern, Flower Burst, includes instructions on how to make more motifs and 'join as you go'.

Her patterns can be found on Ravelry here

Thank you Rama!!! 💖

Kit Forsdike sent me these 2 crocheted beauties!

Thank you Kit!!! 💖

Carlene Bagnall sent this lovely crocheted bunch!

Thank you Carlene!!! 💖

This beauty was knitted by Zandra Mettams! Thank You Zandra!!! 💖

HOPE is growing! 😊😊😊😊

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