• Lyn Coultas

Over Hill, Over Dale, I Hope My Brakes Don't Fail!

For this weeks day ride, I decided to head south along a route that I've never driven let alone ridden. It really appealed to my adventurous side. After the first 10kms or so, I hit unsealed dirt and/or gravel road for approximately 30kms. Really slow going, and SUPER HILLY! Even though I'm fitter than I have been in years, sometimes I still have to just get off and push!

I saw a few kangaroos and wallabies, but they were super shy and hopped off into the bush before I could take a picture. The cows however, weren't quite as shy. I think one cow was unsuccessfully attempting a game of hide and seek Bahahahaha!

I travelled a total of 68kms. It was the toughest 68kms I've ever ridden/walked lol. I was absolutely worn out by it, but was it worth it??


Here are some more photos of this day trip. Enjoy :)

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