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I headed out from Springwood at 7am. The Slacks Creek Cycle path was really nice. Lush and green, with numerous ponds and waterways.

When planning my route I just had to add in a visit to a wonderful yarn store in Beenleigh. Mean Mothers Creations is a magnificent store for all things wool, yarn and cotton! I got to meet the wonderful Helen and Victoria (LOVED the purple hair). It was so great to meet you guys, and Naomi! Thanks to Naomi for taking the pic :) They gave me a fabulous purple flower (made by Victoria) to tie onto my pannier cover. I forgot to take a pic, and I've unloaded for the night but I'll try to remember to take one tomorrow :)

Due to the crazy on/off rain and my slow going, I decided to make the most of it (while I could) and catch a train from Beenleigh to Helensvale.

I then rode from Helensvale to Southport.

Plenty of drenchings again lol, but I finally made it to the Gold Coast!

From that ^^^^^^^^ to this in minutes!

Pretty much my whole day again of sunshine and rain, and windy as all heck!

At 3:30pm I decided again that a hotel was in order as camping was just out of the question with this crazy weather.

A total of 37km ridden today and I was feeling really low, thinking I'd bitten off more than I could chew, doubting myself and, to be completely honest, considering calling it quits.....

After a phone call and pep talk from my big brother, I'm ready to hit the road again tomorrow. I was in a mindset of "should be doing more kms", "I don't think I can do this", combined with the awful weather I just haven't been enjoying this trip so far (overall). He helped set me straight. Changed my perspective. STOP thinking about the kms. This trip is about so much more than that. Just plod along and enjoy the journey. How far I travel in a day just doesn't matter :) Love you big brother <3

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