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The global pandemic of COVID-19 has forced me to make a Plan B.

I'm still doing my trip from Ipswich to Sydney next year.

I have holidays approved for the entire month of March 2021. Instead of heading OS from there, I will return home.

I hope to tour Iceland for my 50th in 2022, and start my world tour from there, but I will just have to wait and see what happens with the pandemic.

I've been thinking a lot about my QUIT journey and that I'd like to raise awareness of the need for more help for folks who want to QUIT. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. Why isn't it treated as such, when it comes to QUITTING smoking? There are rehab clinics and group supports, for example Alcoholics Anonymous, for other types of addictions, but none that I'm aware of [in Australia] for smoking.

For a few years prior to QUITTING I believed that I would never be able to QUIT.

I believed that I would spend the rest of my days as a smoker.

Thanks to advertising campaigns (which are fine when you can QUIT with relative ease), I felt so much shame and guilt for smoking. That was incredibly depressing. Only by experiencing my Mum's illness that lead to her passing, was I able to muster up the will power to do it. And as I've written previously, my QUIT journey was brutal.

Folks KNOW they shouldn't smoke.

Folks KNOW they should QUIT.

There's a percentage of smokers that don't care. No matter what, they won't QUIT.

There's a percentage of smokers who manage to QUIT without too much problem.

I want to raise awareness of the need to help those that [like I did] desperately want to QUIT, but believe they can't.

I want them to know they CAN!

I am proof!

I felt very alone on my QUIT journey. I would have loved to have had more encouragement and support along the way from other QUITTERS.

To anyone who reads this and wants to QUIT, but believes they can't, please message me. You CAN do it!!!! You CAN QUIT!

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