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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

A few goings on in the past weeks, but I managed a leisurely 60km ride out west to Rosewood and back. I use an app on my phone that tracks..... everything lol. With each long ride, my "pace" keeps getting better. I don't try to beat any records, but I believe that it's just because I'm getting fitter - BONUS! I have always been someone who struggles with repetition. With crochet, I rarely make the same thing twice (unless I'm designing). It has to be a lot of years before I'll watch a movie I've already seen - even if I LOVED it - because the experience is just not the same. The genie is out of the bottle lol. This has also impacted my cycling. I love riding and exploring places I haven't ridden before, which just gets me SUPER excited about my World Tour, because I KNOW I'm going to love every bit of it! New places, new people....... I wish I could start tomorrow!!!!! When I reflect on my childhood, I can see that I was always an explorer. The Australian Bush was at my doorstep. I remember many days wandering off with our dog, and just exploring the surrounding bushland. I'm truly astonished that I always found my way home!

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